COHOA Information Page

Here you shall find the information we have available for our online community. Please feel free to download and print out for reference. All documentation has been saved in (microsoft office) and/or (adobe pdf) formats respectively.

COHOA Deed Restrictions

UNIT 22 is the MASTER SET of Deed Restrictions. If you live within any of the other UNITS, you will need to download UNIT 22 and the appropriate UNIT that corresponds to where you live to have a complete overview.


UNIT 22 (246 homes) Lot # 1309 through 1555 (Online)
UNIT 23 (155 homes) Lot # 1556 through 1710 (Online)
UNIT 24 (55 homes) Lot # 1711 through 1765 (Online)
UNIT 25 (115 homes) Lot # 1815 through 1931 (Online)
UNIT 26 (48 homes) Lot # 1766 through 1814


COHOA Bylaws

Colonial Oaks Bylaws are available below for your review.

Colonial Oaks Homeowners Association Bylaws (Online)





Friends of Sarasota County Parks

Friends Of Sarasota County Parks, Inc is looking for you. Please check with the Park office staff for more information OR call 941-486-2706 OR visit their website below.

Friends of Sarasota County Parks (Online)





Colonial Oaks Homeowners Association Contact Information

Postal Mail

Colonial Oaks Homeowners Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 50082
Sarasota, FL 34232


(941) 342-0306. All messages are checked 3 times a week.




Colonial Oaks Park

Cool RacingPark Address

Colonial Oaks Park
5300 Colonial Oaks Blvd.
Sarasota, FL 34232



(941) 861-5000


Colonial Oaks Park is a beautiful community park located south of Fruitville Road between Cattlemen Road and Honore Avenue.

Ongoing activities include various dance classes, table tennis (ping pong), exercise classes, tennis classes and several infant and pre-school activities.

There are many activities that Colonial Oaks Park holds and some of them will be listed right here for your convenience. But for the most current information about activities happening at Colonial Oaks Park, please contact Patti Davis.

Some of the amenities located at Colonial Oaks Park include: